Inspecting Mines

    Federal law requires that all mines employing 50 people or more and all underground mines are to be inspected four times a year, whereas smaller mines are to be inspected annually. This is not currently happening. The largest mine in Arizona was only inspected twice in 2017. During an inspection in Q1, 218 MSHA safety violations were found. The mining company said these violations were fixed. Instead of following up with required inspections in Q2 or Q3, the mine went uninspected until the end of the year, where another 78 violations were found.

    A uranium mine located near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon was only inspected once in 2017. At that time it was revealed that the company operating the mine attempted to hide an incident. This is an underground mine and should have been inspected four times.

    This is unacceptable.

The primary job of the Arizona State Mine Inspector is to inspect mines. And this is not happening.

Paid for by Pierce for Mine Inspector, Authorized by William "Bill" Pierce

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