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Are you drinking water right now? Then the role of mine inspector may impact you.


Mining Posted On October 16, 2018

It is impossible to separate mining from the history of Arizona.  Many of our towns and cities started as mining outposts, and our biggest legends and tall tales are related to mining. Today, mining is still a major part of the state’s economy. Mining brings in $4 billion dollars and directly employs 12,000 people. Hundreds of thousands of Arizonans have jobs connected to mining in some way or another.

Mining in our state is…

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The Value Mining Brings to Arizona


Mining Posted On October 08, 2018

I have traveled all over Arizona and have talked to many people about mining and the mine inspector's role. One opinion I hear from time to time is the belief that mining should be banned in Arizona. I recognize where those who hold this opinion are coming from. I share their desire to ensure our environment and water stay as pristine as possible, and mining does pose threats to these vital resources. However, I would…

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Why Work Place Safety is Important to Me: My Story

by Bill Pierce

Thoughts and Musings Posted On September 28, 2018

After moving to Arizona in 1985, I took a temporary job as yard man at a cotton gin until I found work in the engineering industry.  This job involved driving a tractor with a tilt-bed trailer, hauling bales of cotton and spotting them in the proper locations in the distribution yard.  This job involved working 12 hours a day; 7 days a week.

One night, after dropping a load at the distribution yard, I…

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