What are the Mine Inspector duties?

The mine inspector shall inspect, at least once every three months, every active underground mine in the state employing fifty or more persons, and at least once each year, every other mine. The inspector shall inspect the operation, conditions, safety appliances, machinery, equipment, sanitation and ventilation, the means of ingress and egress, the means taken to protect the lives, health and safety of the miners, the cause of accidents and deaths occurring at the mine and the means taken to comply with provisions of this title.

The mine inspector may enter and inspect any abandoned or inactive mine to determine whether any dangerous condition exists which may affect the health and safety of the general public.

The inspector at any time may enter, examine and inspect any mine or part of any mine and inspect any connected plant or equipment or any part of the workings of the mine.

The inspector may enter on such land to inspect for dangerous conditions which may present a health and safety hazard to the public. If hazards exist, the inspector may erect warning signs across or near the entrance of any mine shaft, portal, pit or other mine opening prohibiting the entry of unauthorized persons or erect other protective devices as necessary. 

*Source - Arizona State Mine Inspector, "Mine Inspections," accessed October 2, 2014

Qaulification Requirements

Title 27, Chapter 1, Article 2, Section 27-121 of the Arizona Revised Statutes establishes the qualifications of the office:

A. The state mine inspector shall be a resident of this state at least two years before election, not under thirty years of age, and shall have been practically engaged in, and acquainted with, mines and mining in this state, and shall have had at least four years' experience in mining or experience in any industry under the jurisdiction of the state mine inspector, or both.

B. No person may be an inspector or deputy inspector while an employee, director or officer of a mining, milling or smelting company.

C. The inspector, and each deputy, shall devote full time to official duties.[3]
resident of Arizona for at least two years.

at least 30 years old.
at least four years' experience in mining and/or experience an industry under the jurisdiction of the state mine inspector.
not an employee, director or officer of a mining, milling or smelting company.
must work full-time for official duties. (2)

* Source -  Arizona State Legislature, "Revised Statutes: Title 27 - Minerals, Oil and Gas," accessed July 24, 2013

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